Parsons Store and Yard had been here for a century when it was given up in 1960. Formerly it extended well out across the present road, as can be seen by a study of the many earlier photographs in this volume. It was cut back to this size when Church Road was straightened and widened about 1900. The date of the two photographs is 1 May 1960, and the buildings were demolished in December 1965. Presumably at some future date the site will be used for an extension to Hove Library.
Accurate information about these two dwelling houses behind the store is very scanty. It seems that they first formed part of a group of houses called Providence Place, which is mentioned in Directories as far back as 1859. By the turn of the century they were known as 7 and 8 Connaught Place and in recent years just as 178 and 180 Church Road.

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