A very fine photograph, taken by Tom Wiles of Hove. The large house with extensive grounds at either side, was occupied by Albion’s landlord J.J. Clark, and that at the right, by his son A.J. Clark.
Goldstone House was demolished in 1955, but the other still remains. Most of the spectators, apart from those adjoining the fence, were standing on what was just an earth bank with only sparse terracing, while a favoured few on this side of the barrier were seated in deckchairs (a bit cold for February). J.J. Clark could watch the match through his open central upstairs window, or in warmer weather, from his lawn behind the balustrade. The course of the present Goldstone Lane can be traced behind the distant spectators. Football hooliganism was then unknown, the sombre dressed crowd giving no trouble. It is unlikely that any supporters made the long journey from Plymouth. Note, also, the difference in the way in which the game was played in those days. The offside rule was in operation, the players were more spread out and had room to move, this giving them a chance to display individual skills seldom seen today. Admittedly a much slower game than the present frenzied scramble, but in many ways a more entertaining spectacle to watch. At the end of this season, Albion finished first in the southern League winning championship, while Plymouth finished eleventh. Photograph taken 26 February 1910.
Albion v. Plymouth Result: Albion 1 Plymouth A. 0

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Date: 1910
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