This photograph is an enlargement of a very small and ancient one and in the enlarging process much of the clarity has been lost.
The date of the original is not known, but it must have been taken way back in the 1860s. It is hard to be definite about the nature of the work in progress on the beach. This part of Kings Road was widened, by being built out over arches, between 1864 and 1867, and the present massive East Street groyne was built in 1867. Most probably the scaffolding had some connection with these projects.
The photograph shows Brill’s (previously Mahomed’s) Baths still standing on the site of the Queens Hotel. The Baths were demolished in 1869, so obviously the photograph dates from before then.

Image Reference: JG_03_153.tif
Date: 1860s
Image Details: Copy
Size of Original: 177x152
Place: Brighton
Additional Information: No comment

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