Banquetting Room.
Possibly taken by Edward Fox about 1870.

Image Reference: JG_10_139.tif
Date: c.1870
Image Details: Original monochrome print
Size of Original: 80x60
Place: Brighton
Additional Information: Banqueting Room, 1864 or after, as Tony Dury’s replacement wall paintings of that year are in position. The large convex shield-shaped decorations below the clerestory window have a different disposition of tones to their appearance in no126 (where they appear as they do today, with a dark background). In so far as it can be determined from a monochrome picture, their appearance in no139 accords with what is thought to be their original form: a silver decoration on a light (lilac-blue) background. In 1899 JD Crace noted the need for restoration of decorations in this area (PCM Vol.23, p189), so perhaps over-painting of these features dates from this era. These convex shield decorations (‘sagged ceilings’ Crace calls them) don’t appear in the 1828 Pavilion Inventory, which suggests that they weren’t candidates for removal and re-use in a royal residence elsewhere.

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