On this and the next page are three copies of very old, faded photographs taken between 1864 and 1868. On the backs of the originals was very misleading information to the effect that these piggeries were near to the sea front between Holland Road and St John’s Road. The depth of this pit and the gentle slope of Holland Road belied this and, in addition, this area was built up in the 1850s, before the taking of the photographs. Another theory advanced was that they were on the Stanford Estate, above Eaton Road, between the Drive and Wilbury Road, where certainly a pit existed in the 1860s but contemporary maps do not mention the Piggeries. For years after I obtained these copies I tried on and off, to locate the site of these elusive piggeries which have now long since disappeared. No-one now living could remember them though some old inhabitants suggested very improbable sites. Finally an old map of 1870 owned by Hove Corporation provided the solution , which is explained with the next photograph.

Image Reference: JG_16_115.tif
Date: 1864-1868
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Size of Original: 204x153
Place: Hove
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